POP – Polyvent

1st Assistant Camera

POP – Polyvant is a short film that points the identity in question through the tesmonies of different characters.


Written & directed by Louis Faury
Director of photography : Grégoire De Lillo
1st director assistant : Pierre Franc
1st DOP assistant : Melodie Mersch
Make-up : Maelle Aboley
Clothing : JEAC


Special thanks : 803Z for the equipment and the support


Starring :
Isa Taoui
Jason Mekadji
Edouard Deloignon
Charlotte Lupinsky
Typhaine Augusto


Voice Over :
Alberic Mavambu
Myriam Heith
Daria Minina
Denis Ostier


Music :

Hoddest in my town
Editions La Machete Editions

Laake – Tenderness