Amca Oval – All United

1st Assistant Camera

All United surrounded by Amca Oval ideal.

Recycled knitwear collection for daily lives and objects for homes of creative people.


Brand: @amcaoval @alexismartial @adriencaillaudaud
Production: @animalanimalparis
Productors: @tibojak & @noeanimalanimal
Line Producer: @caroltscharner
Production assistant: @nepher__


Director of Photography: @gregoire_delillo
1st camera assistant: @melodie_mersch
Photographer: @marilouchabertphoto
Drone operator: @lorislamuniere
Editor: @leo_devienne
Set design: @simonelanemone
Set design assistant: @adelidelooo
Makeup / Hair Stylist: @mirambeau.ophelie_mua
Location manager: @leo_cotte & Stéphane THOMAS
Casting director: @viktorcollins
Styling coordinator: @marieszn
Musique: @vadimsvoboda